What is Cymbolism?

Color is the ultimate tool a designer has at his or her disposal to communicate feeling and mood.

Cymbolism is a tool that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, making it simple for designers to choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.



adj 1: lacking general education or knowledge; "an ignorant man";
"nescient of contemporary literature"; "an unlearned
group incapable of understanding complex issues";
"exhibiting contempt for his unlettered companions"
[syn: nescient, unenlightened, unlearned, unlettered]
2: ignorant of the fundamentals of a given art or branch of
knowledge; "ignorant of quantum mechanics"; "musically
illiterate" [syn: illiterate]
3: lacking basic knowledge; "how can someone that age be so
ignorant?"; "inexperienced and new to the real world"
[syn: inexperienced]
4: used of things; lacking sense or awareness; "ignorant hope";
"fine innocent weather" [syn: innocent]
5: lacking knowledge or skill; "unversed in the jargon of the
social scientist" [syn: unversed] [ant: versed]
6: lacking information or knowledge; "an unknowledgeable
assistant" [syn: unknowledgeable, unknowing, unwitting]
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