What is Cymbolism?

Color is the ultimate tool a designer has at his or her disposal to communicate feeling and mood.

Cymbolism is a tool that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, making it simple for designers to choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.



n 1: the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for
life (or until divorce); "a long and happy marriage";
"God bless this union" [syn: matrimony, union, spousal
relationship, wedlock]
2: two people who are married to each other; "his second
marriage was happier than the first"; "a married couple
without love" [syn: married couple, man and wife]
3: the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony; "their marriage
was conducted in the chapel" [syn: wedding, marriage
4: a close and intimate union; "the marriage of music and
dance"; "a marriage of ideas"
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