What is Cymbolism?

Color is the ultimate tool a designer has at his or her disposal to communicate feeling and mood.

Cymbolism is a tool that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, making it simple for designers to choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.



n 1: an organization of missionaries in a foreign land sent to
carry on religious work [syn: missionary post, missionary
station, foreign mission]
2: an operation that is assigned by a higher headquarters; "the
planes were on a bombing mission" [syn: military mission]
3: a special assignment that is given to a person or group; "a
confidential mission to London"; "his charge was deliver a
message" [syn: charge, commission]
4: the organized work of a religious missionary [syn: missionary
5: a group of representatives or delegates [syn: deputation,
commission, delegation, delegacy]
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