What is Cymbolism?

Color is the ultimate tool a designer has at his or her disposal to communicate feeling and mood.

Cymbolism is a tool that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, making it simple for designers to choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.



adj 1: free from danger or the risk of harm; "a safe trip"; "you
will be safe here"; "a safe place"; "a safe bet" [ant:
2: of an undertaking
3: having reached a base without being put out; "the runner was
called safe when the baseman dropped the ball" [syn: safe(p)]
[ant: out(p)]
4: financially sound; "a good investment"; "a secure
investment" [syn: dependable, good, secure]
5: in safekeeping; "your secret is safe with me"
n 1: strongbox where valuables can be kept safe
2: a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing
provisions from pests
3: contraceptive device consisting of a thin rubber or latex
sheath worn over the penis during intercourse [syn: condom,
rubber, safety, prophylactic]
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