What is Cymbolism?

Color is the ultimate tool a designer has at his or her disposal to communicate feeling and mood.

Cymbolism is a tool that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, making it simple for designers to choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.



adj 1: of or relating to Queen Victoria of Great Britain or to the
age in which she ruled; "Victorian morals"
2: exaggeratedly proper; "my straitlaced Aunt Anna doesn't
approve of my miniskirts" [syn: priggish, prim, prissy,
prudish, puritanical, square-toed, straitlaced, strait-laced,
straightlaced, straight-laced, tight-laced]
3: typical of the moral standards or conduct of the age of
Queen Victoria
n : a person who lived during the reign of Victoria
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